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According to Mill, utilitarian morality holds that: (Points :

Question 23.23. According to Mill, utilitarian morality holds that: (Points : 1)If each individual strives to maximize their own happiness, the happiness of all will follow.
Each individual is required to sacrifice their own individual happiness for the happiness of all.
With the right social arrangements and education, individuals can come to associate their own individual happiness with the happiness of all.
Neither the happiness of the individual nor the happiness of all is worth pursuing, since neither is attainable in this life.
Question 24.24. Nagel argues that the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just like what other kind of action, just on a larger scale? (Points : 1)Killing the wife and child of someone attacking you in order to distract him from his attack.
Bombing a munitions factory and killing some of the civilian workers inside.
Firing at an enemy soldier and hitting an innocent bystander with a stray bullet.
Bombing a convoy of enemy soldiers.
Question 25.25. According to the scene from The Bridge on the River Kwai, what is the ultimate reason Colonel Nicholson (Alec Guinness) insists that the soldiers work hard to build the best bridge possible: (Points : 1)Because even in captivity, they know that God is watching them.
So that the British forces will be able to fight the Japanese more effectively.
Because the better the bridge, the more benefit they will receive and less punishment they will endure from their captors.
Because it is an expression of the strength and dignity of a soldier even in captivity.
Question 26.26. Which of the following makes it difficult to calculate the utility of an act (Points : 1)the time frame of the consequences
disagreements about the meaning of pleasure or happiness
determining what constitutes the greatest good
all of the above
Question 27.27. Hill claims that a fruitful way to think about the badness of destroying the environment is: (Points : 1)To think about what kind of human would choose to destroy the earth.
To appeal to theories about God and care for the earth.
To examine people’s intuitions about whether it is right to harm the environment.
To examine the rights that belong to the environment and act on the basis of those rights.
Question 28.28. Robinson describes magnanimity as the mean between the extremes of: (Points : 1)Vanity and vice
Generosity and selfishness
Generosity and greed
Vanity and pusillanimity
None of the above
Question 29.29. In the video “Sexism in the News Media 2012” some newscasters blame military women for this (Points : 1)being killed in combat
being raped
not being able to have children
being war heroes
Question 30.30. Rachels concludes that: (Points : 1)active euthanasia is always worse than passive euthanasia.
passive euthanasia is always worse than active euthanasia.
active euthanasia is always morally permissible.
none of the above.


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