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Ancient history homework help

Modern Chinese History
Mid-term Exam
This part use short answer for each questions.

  1. Identification List: In a short paragraph, describe what each person/place/thing is, its historical timeframe, and

why it was historically significant. To make a claim about its historical significance, you must
relate this person/place/thing to one of the of the following core themes from the course: 1) Life and Society in Dynastic China; 2) State-Building and Revolutionary Ideologies;
3) Literature, Intelligentsia, and Modern Society; 4) Women, Labor, and Cultural Heritage; 5)  Foreign Relations and Economic Development
Student Must Complete Any Ten Identifications of Their Choosing from Below, But Must Select
At Least One From Each Category:

  1. Religion and Spirituality
  2. Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, the Jesuits, Matteo Rici, Three Teachings are

One Movement, Rites Controversy

  1. Rebellions and Conflict
  2. Taiping, The Opium Wars, Conquest Dynasty, Li Zicheng, White Lotus Rebellion,

Miao, Lin Zexu, Nian Rebellion
iii. Society and the Arts`

  1. The Golden Lotus, Foot-binding, Ming Female Authors, Civil Service Examination,

Banner System, Liang Qichao, Self-Strengthening Movement, Yung Wing

  1. Political Figures
  2. Hongwu Emperor, Heshen, Cixi, Sun Yatsen, Yuan Shikai, Kang Youwei
  3. Governance
  4. Baojia, Lijia, The Censorate, Village Elder System, Fish-Scale Registers, Hundred

Days Reform, Single Whip Tax System/Yellow Registers, Grand Council, Self-
Strengthening, Three Feudatories, Zongli Yamen

  1. Commerce
  2. Bimetallic System, Grand Canal, Silver and the Tea Trade, Putting Out System/Silk

Road, Lord MaCartney, Unequal Treaties, Tribute System
vii. Regions and Provinces

  1. Manchuria, Yellow River Valley, North China Plain, Canton, Sichuan, Xinjiang,

Tibet, Inner Asia, Mongolia
This part write 2-3 pages essay

  1. Essay Exam Question
  2. Prior to 1911, which Chinese ruler had the most successful reign and why? And which was the

least successful and why? With each, be sure to make a claim (thesis) about what factor
(historical circumstances, technology, a stable society, leadership, etc.) proved decisive in
making their reign a success or failure. In making your choice, be sure to reference historical
examples and evidence from the course readings and lectures. You may want to consider
criteria such as state-building and security, the economy, foreign relations, society and the arts,
and the handling of rebellions. Write in a traditional essay format, complete with an
introduction where you make your claim, body paragraphs, and a conclusion where you restate
your claim and its supportive reasoning or evidence found in the body paragraphs.


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