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critical thinking

Does Democracy Favor Oral Culture or Written Culture?

Paper instructions from customer:

In the West, democracy is considered to be the norm when the running of the state is concerned. A large amount of modern research is dedicated to various aspects of democratic ruling. The assignment is to write a critical thinking paper about the correlations between democracy and two types of culture (oral and written) adopted by the society, with a word limit up to 600 words.

Make sure to pay attention to the following points:

  • give definitions to the terms of democracy and culture; state your thesis about how democratic ruling and the type of culture are connected
  • introduce the point of view expressed by a scientist who specializes in the respective field; briefly describe the essence of their research
  • demonstrate how democracy benefits from oral and written culture, and state which one it favors
  • speculate on the possible consequences of democracy favoring another type of culture; list several examples to illustrate your assumptions
  • restate your thesis statement in a conclusion, and briefly summarize your arguments


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