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Do you have the proper education?

1-I think the list of questions you posted is a great way for not only determining if something is within the nurse’s scope of practice, but also if it’s appropriate and safe for the nurse to perform.  There are so many considerations for the nurse to take into account.  Do you have the proper education?  The proper training?  The last questions regarding accepting accountability for the outcome is the icing on the cake.  I’ve been in situations where I didn’t feel the orders I was given were appropriate.  Following the order wouldn’t make the patient worse, I just felt that there was a better alternative.  This is where detailed nurses notes really are important.  Good post.

2-As nurses we should always be stopping to think about what we are doing before we act. I was recently put in a position to possible learn a new skill. Upon more research, I found out this was not within my scope and it was squashed. We need to think about our patients safety and the license we worked hard for at all times. Of course, we want to continue our education and learn new things. I love the questions outlines for us to remember when usure. We can also go to management if needed as well. Always protect yourself and your patient. 

3-It is a great thing that we have organizations like these that are regularly updating our Scope of Practice guidelines as medical and technological interventions are always changing. The framework with questions to ask prior to performing acts are very beneficial and can put a nurse as ease when feeling uncomfortable. It is also great that we have these resources readily available to us if we need them. I find myself turning to these resourcces regularly when in doubt and when performing procedures for the very first time. It also helped having nurses around willing to guide me when it’s my first time doing something. These help decreasing the patient’s risk for harm. So yes, when in doubt, always go to your available resources. Also stated by the NCSBN on their website, “The laws of the nursing profession can only function properly if nurses know the current laws governing practice in their state. Ignorance of the law is never an excuse!”


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