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Give some thought to how we can identify our informant in virtual ethnography. what are your ideas?

Click on the link above to watch the video.( 55:00)

Please watch the video (YouTube). (

And after watching the video, please write down answer to the question below.

The answer to the question must be found in the video.

Below are seven questions.

Each questions, I need 150 words.

Michael Wesch You Tube ethnography video.

Q1) The video explores a list of topics in relation to the You Tube phenomenon.

Select from the list below and discuss how the video explores these topic.

Then include in your discussion where else in society these functions are served.

– The Medium and other subtopics including

Mediascapes, Vlogging, Video aesthetics, and Virtual worlds.

Q2) As we have previously discussed in class culture is defined by time and space Apply these defining components of culture to You Tube culture. For example, How do we gave to alter or expand our definitions of time and space when working and researching in the world?

Q3) Give some thought to how we can identify our informant in virtual ethnography. what are your ideas?

Q4. A) In the video a speaker discussing piracy calls this an age of prohibition. He talks about how corrupting it is to force young people to “live against the law” What is he referring to?

How do you feel about these observations?

Q4. B) Related to this Discussion is the idea of Context Collapse as mentioned in the video.

Discuss your thoughts about this. Is this a new phenomenon?

Why or why not, explain.

Q5.) Wesch Hypothesizes, that the internet is serving a purpose of function that is missing in modern “suburban: life. That the internet is mediating the split between the virtual and the physical because the physical does not have what people need anymore.


Q6.) Do you think more like Wesch or like Boellstorff. why?


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