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health need of a vulnerable


Over the duration of this course you will write a scholarly paper, “Health Promotion Program Proposal,”

addressing existing nursing knowledge related to health promotion.

In the proposal, you will also develop a health promotion program to meet a health need of a vulnerable

population in your potential concentration area or community.

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The proposal must demonstrate graduate school level writing and critical analysis. The final version of

your proposal is due in Unit 8 (See Unit 8 for more information).

For this Unit 6 assignment you will submit Part One of your proposal, detailing a health problem that is

prevalent within your selected group and demonstrating your research of health promotion strategies for

addressing this specific health problem.


  1. Describe the health problem.
  • Using data and statistics, support your claim that the issue you selected is a


  • What specifically will you address in your proposed health promotion program?
  • Be sure your proposed outcome is realistic and measureable.
  1. Describe the vulnerable population and setting.
  • What are the risk factors that make this a vulnerable population?
  • Use evidence to support the risk factors you have identified.
  1. Provide a review of literature from scholarly journals of evidence-based interventions

that address the problem.

  • After completing a library search related to effective interventions for your chosen

health promotion activity, write a review that evaluates the strengths and

weaknesses of all the sources you have found.

  • You might consult research texts for information on how to write a review of the

literature found in your search.

  1. Provide an overview of your implementation plan complete with a summary of

communication ideas and a timeline.

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  2. Select and present an appropriate health promotion/disease prevention theoretical

or conceptual model that best serves as the guiding framework for the proposal



  • Three to five pages in length (excluding title page, references, and appendices)
  • Follow APA format
  • Cite a minimum of five research reports as a beginning reference list


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