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Is there a gap between nursing education and nursing practice?

Please construct a 5-7 page paper on the following topic:

  • Is there a gap between nursing education and nursing practice? Please explain and support your answers with AT LEAST 5 references.
  • Please include at least 5 current PROFESSIONAL NURSING REFERENCES in your presentation that are NO MORE than 10 years old (PUBMED, peer reviewed schorlarly articles, NIH, medical databases, etc.)
  • APA format with IN-TEXT citations including a reference page
  • At least 5-7 pages of content NOT including the reference page
  • I will do the cover page but I need the reference page with the references to match the in text citations
  • ORIGNAL custom work, no plagiarism

The subject must be coherent and concise. Please message me for any further clarifications.


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