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Philosophies and theories for advanced nursing practice.

Purpose: Comment the DiscussionThing to Remember: Answer this discussion with opinions/ideas creatively and clearly. Supports post using several outside peer-reviewed sources. 1 References find resources that are 5 years or less No errors with APA format 6 EditionDiscussion:I really enjoyed reading about Florence Nightingales environmental model of nursing. I feel like this model speaks to my advanced practice nursing because it deals with observing the patient and asking many questions to understand the full picture (Butts & Rich 2018 p.427). This model puts the patient’s needs and their environment first.Florence Nightingales theory emphasizes environmental factors that could affect the patient. The Nightingale model involves nurses manipulating environmental factors that affect the patient’s health status including noise light cleanliness bedding and ventilation (Butts 2018 p.427-428). Observation is the primary method of data collection and evaluation of outcomes (Butts 2018 p.428).I feel that working at the hospital while studying for APN has really opened my eyes to observe how other APN’s treat their patients. Many times the APN’s can be just as rushed as the doctors are. However some take their time to really get to know and assess the patient in detail. I want to be the kind of APN who takes their time and really makes the patient feel comfortable in assessments and questioning. By making the patient feel comfortable in the environment they’re in can cause the APN to observe the patient in a more natural state. Nightingales model places an emphasis on relationships not regarded as revolutionary or complex (Butts 2018 p. 430). Three major relationships specified- environment to patient nurse to environment and nurse to patient (Butts 2018 p. 430).In conclusion I would like to build a relationship with my patient’s and help them feel comfortable in a not so comfortable environment. I would like to be the kind of APN that practices Florence Nightingales theory of always putting the patient’s needs first. I realize that every situation is different but I will strive for these goals as an APN.References:Butts J. B. & Rich K. L. (2018).Philosophies and theories for advanced nursing practice. Burlington MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.


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